ADAM & His Seed of Generation’s


Notes:  All Patriarchs married their Fathers,

Brothers Daughter …(Married Daughter of Uncle)


Chuah    Made of Adams Rib

YAHVELIYM  3;35 (Jubilee)

Father of Azura
Seth 4;1Azura 411Father of Naom
Enosh  4;12Naom 4:13Father of Mualeth
QeynanMualeleth 4;14BarakiyEL  Son of  Enosh   Father of   DiYnah  4;16
MahalalELDiYnah  4;16

Raswalo  Son of   Qeynan

  Father of  Baraka  4:16

Yered  4;15Baraka  4:16

Dan’El  Son of   MahalalEL

  Father of Edna 4:20

cHanok  4;17Edna 4:20AzrY’al  Son of   Yered  Father of  Edna 4:27
Methushelach Edna 4:27Baraki’EL  Son of   cHanok   Father of  Betenos  4:28
LamekBetenos  4:28Rakei’EL  Son of   Methushelach   Father of  Emzara 4:33
NoachEmzara 4:33Son’s of NOACH—Shem, cHam, Yephepth

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